Embark a journey through Midgard.

Experience Ragnarok how it was meant to be.
10x/10x/3x Pre-Renewal

Server Features

ExecuteRO offers a plethora of features to maximize your gaming experience

Classic Ragnarok Gameplay

Enjoy Ragnarok the way it's meant to be played. No major modifications, no overpowered custom items, no stupid features.

No Easy Overups

Refined eluniums and oridecons are not easily accessible. Farming of elu and ori to form them is needed. Refined elus and oris and only be used from +7 to prevent saturation of market.

Community Oriented Server

Weekly quests are given to the server which when finished provide either EXP/Drop increase for the whole server or items which may be claimed.

No Dual Log-In/Botting

ExecuteRO aims to reward the most hard working and skilled individuals. No forms of cheating, botting, use of macros will be tolerated. Players seen in-game are real life individuals who love playing RO as much as you.

Balanced Cash System

Farming is the best way to get the best items. Cash Shop only provides Premium Membership, stylish cosmetics, or consumables.

Revamped MVP system

Gone are the days when you can solo kill an MVP with just a Champion or a Pally. Full party members or guilds are required to take down the MVP and be rewarded with the fruits of their labor with MVP drops.

Still not convinced?

A few words from our players
No bot, No dual, and all the players are friendly and competitive. The GM's are always active so you can easily approach them via ingame @request or fb page chat. If you are looking for Classic Ragnarok online experience then consider this server. You don't know what you can get until you try
This gives the best memories of playing legit ragnarok online. The grind is fun with all the freebies given as well as the members of the community. No easy ups, no pay to win, and most of all no botters and macro-users. If you want to play a game that reminds you of the original ragnarok this is it.
I have played many servers but this one is a classic one. I am a solo player since then but I will say it was balanced on everything. The GMs are active and the players are friendly. If you are looking like the Old classic ragnarok this one is for you.
Friendly GM’s, friendly players. Best server I’ve played so far. So many events and balance drop rates. Will definitely recommend to my friends. The server is stable and high availability. Donations are reasonable prices.
Fun server actually and friendly gms. The players are very friendly and eager to help the newbies. I had fun playing the server because of the gms and players, they made the server a better place for new players and veteran players. I hope that this server will build up its momentum from the successful launch that they had. Great server 10/10
This low rate server is the one you need if you're looking of nostalgic ragnarok experience. GMs are always online to help the players and assist them on the game. The server is really balanced and it really reminds me of old classic ragnarok.

Server Information

Here's some quick information about the server.
Rates & Stats
Experience Rate
Quest Experience Rate
Drop Rate
Card Drop Rate
3x (5x for Non-MVP Cards)
Max Attack Speed
Max Stat
Instant Cast
150 DEX
Server Location
Episode 10.2 (Lighthalzen)
Available Classes
2-1 / 2-2 / Trans / Super Novice
Main Language
MVP Cards
God Items
Dual Client

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