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NPC Locations - ExecuteRO

NPC Locations

No need to grasp around! Here's a nifty guide to our NPCs.
We've put all our NPCs in one convenient place, right in the heart of the humble town of Payon.

Turbo Room

Located at Payon (176, 78).
It houses almost all of ExecuteRO's Custom-made NPCs
World boss raid shop
Turbo_Room ( 80, 107)

World Boss

Each monster kill from the server counts to summon the World Boss!

Raid Master
TURBO_ROOM ( 76, 110 )

Raid Master

Trade in your Raid Tokens for valuable loot!

Coin Master
TURBO_ROOM ( 89, 114 )

Coin Trader

Trade in your Zeny for Coins that you can storage or trade.

Hourly Voucher
TURBO_ROOM ( 93, 117 )

Hourly Voucher Trader

Trade in your Hourly Vouchers for consumables and other items!

TURBO_ROOM ( 100, 121)

Premium Trader

Trade in your Premium Tickets to gain special commands and bonuses!

Turbo_Room ( 106, 118 )

Point Shop

Trade in your EXE Points for valuable items!

Potion Exchanger
TURBO_ROOM ( 110, 114 )

Potion Exchanger

Exchange 100 ESB White Potions into 50 ESB Blue Potions and vice versa!

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