[Patch Notes] 07/08/2020

Execute Points Shop

The points shop has been adjusted to better suit the needs of the community.



Questable Headgears

We added a bunch of Quest Headgears that would help make you stronger and look great at the same time!

Click here to see the list

New Custom NPC

Rare Headgear Trader

This shady-looking guy holds treasures that he’s willing to trade for some items, you can find him at the Turbo Room ( 82, 136 ).


You can now change your hairstyle and the color of your clothes at the Stylist at the Turbo Room ( 116, 136 ) !

Ripped Cabus

Turn in your Gym Passes to increase your weight limit!
Located at Payon ( 173, 141 )


Use your Enriched Oridecon or Enriched Elunium for higher chances of Success! Beware your item may still be Destroyed! Located at Payon ( 157, 146 )

Old Wise Woman

Accidentally placed a wrong card? You can now decard your equipment! But be careful. It may BREAK!
Located at prt_in ( 28, 73 )

Mercenary Manager

Need extra hands on the Battlefield? Come and Rent a Partner!
Located at Payon ( 188, 132 )

Mercenary Merchant

Buy some supplies for your trusty Partner!
Located at Payon ( 193, 132 )

Skill Fixes

  • Spiral Pierce requirement increased from 5 to 10. ( to match Pre-Renewal )
  • Removed Endure hit counter. ( Now stays on for the whole duration )
  • Asura Strike now has a cooldown of 3 seconds.

Misc. Changes

  • Extended Race to Level 99/70 Event until July 31, 2020.
  • Increased mob spawns to 150%.
  • Added harder World Bosses.
  • Added a 10-minute time limit to World Boss Event.
  • Adjusted Poring Catcher Event’s real Porings from 5 -> 3.
  • Added Eimi’s Blessing.
    • Increases drop rate to 150% for one hour.
    • Removed drop rate buff from Happy Hour.
  • Updated the Server Timeline to accomodate the international community.

See more information about Eimi’s Blessing at the Server Timeline.

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