[Patch Notes] 07/19/2020

Item Mall Scroll #1

The first edition of our Item Scroll! Buy for chance to win any of the ff:

  • Chewing Gum Costume Increase Drop Rates by 50%
  • Shining Sun Costume – Increase EXP gained by 15% 
  • 5x Guyak Pudding
  • 3x Enriched Oridecon
  • 3x Enriched Elunium
  • 5x Food Box Vol. 3
  • 5x HE Bubble Gum
  • 5x HE Battle Manual

World Boss Updates

Changes have been made to make defeating the world boss easier.

  • Increased DEF Modifier – Removed
  • HP Modifier – Increased
  • World Boss Map – Changed from force_4-1 to Dali

Dead Branch ONLY Maps

To prevent citizens from spawning on random maps, we have designated these maps as Dead Branch usable maps.

New Custom NPCs

Card Trader

Got some spare cards? Recycle your cards for points that you can use to redeem items!
Card Trader is located at Turbo Room ( 120 , 136 ) !

Costume Exchanger

Have your own sense of fashion but don't want to give up the stats of your current equipments? Turn your gears into Costumes! Costume Exchanger is located at Turbo Room ( 86 , 136 ) !

Map Changes

Abyss Lake Dungeon

You may now enter Abyss Lake Dungeon! Can you handle the Dragons?

Thanatos Tower

Climb up the tower and defeat enemies! But beware, a dangerous foe wait at the top!

Misc. Changes

  • Token of Siegfried  is now usable except on MVP Maps.
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