Download & Install

Downloading and installing ExecuteRO is a breeze.
Get everything you need all in one file.

Game Installer ( 2.83GB)

Download and install this installer to start playing the game. You don’t need to download each file from every mirror. Mirrors will only be used if the link you’re trying to visit is inaccessible.

Most modern computers can run Ragnarok Online without any problem. 

Android APK ( 8MB )

After installing the app, download from one of our ZIP mirrors and extract it to your Android device then point the directory to where you extracted the game client.

Lite Client Installer

This is for advanced users only, please download the Full Installer if you have no idea how to use this. This is only compatible for kRO versions 2018-2019. Please download our full installer if your data.grf is older than 2018.

Need help?

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